Carly Aman


Buscemi, Noonan & Associate Realtors

About Carly Aman

Carly Aman, seasoned real estate professional with unmatched negotiating skills, is
well known throughout the local luxury real estate marketplace not
only for her ability to deliver results, but for her integrity, professionalism
and dedication to her clients’ best interests. With more than 15 years of
experience in the industry, she has worked through a variety of economic
climates and has proven her ability to create successful outcomes. In
addition, having worked as a mortgage consultant, she brings to the table a
solid understanding of the financial side of the real estate transaction. With
such a broad-spanning set of skills and talents, not to mention invaluable
local knowledge, Carly is one of the most seasoned and effective Realtors in
Orange County. She is excited to be a part of the Bucemi, Noonan &
Associate Realtors team specializing in luxury properties.